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Dust mites are a part of every home. They're invisible to the human eye, but they are in your home right now. Since we all tend to spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, dust mites, which feed on the dead flakes of our skin (human beings shed nearly two pounds of dead skin a year, most of it microscopically small flakes), tend to be found in our bedding, bedroom carpets and pillows. Dust mites serve as a triggering mechanism for allergies and asthma sufferers. But, with effort and the proper attention to cleaning, you can control these invisible invaders.

We can combat dust mites with regular professional cleaning of both the bedroom carpeting and your mattresses. By using powerful steam extraction methods, we can deep clean your carpets and mattresses and reduce the amount of dust mites and other allergens/pollutants significantly. You can also buy special mite proof pillow covers that will keep these microscopic beasts from getting into pillows. You should also wash pillows as frequently as possible or at least three to four times a year. You should also consider replacing pillows once a year as an added measure of security.

Do you or someone you love suffer from allergies? Asthma? We can help you reduce those agonizing episodes. Here's how...

By all means, consult your doctor and learn which allergens affect you or your family the most. Find out if medication is right or if lifestyle changes will help reduce the flare ups. Regular cleaning is by far the least expensive option in combating allergens. A regular cleaning program focused on the allergy sufferer's bedroom is a good, proactive measure in this battle. Clean everything thoroughly. Wash all curtain and bed clothes in hot water. Wash the pillows and clean the windows and sills completely. Dust and dirt are the enemy.

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