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Low moisture cleaning for commercial accounts

These are photos taken during the cleaning of carpet using our encapsulation process. This process allows for quick dry times and leaves the floors clean and ready for your customers.



This was the result after cleaning carpet with encapsulation

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Sensibly clean offers several process for commercial cleaning. We can clean with our hot water extraction or with our encapsulation method for those times in-between hot water extractions which will keep your carpets looking their best year round. For those businesses that have moved in the direction of carpet tiles, the encapsulation method is a low moisture method that will protect your carpet and keep it looking clean and sanitary for years without damage from moisture. Please call us for a free inspection and our Stay Beautiful program.217-841-1097

We also offer other commercial cleaning services

  • Hard surface floors
  •     Stripping and refinishing
  •     Scrubbing and refinishing
  •     Scrubbing and buffing
  •     Hardwood floors
  • Concrete cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning and much more!

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