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Above are pictures of a local area kitchen before we began. Note the lines where the rugs were covering the floors.

Below are the results after stripping and refinishing by Sensibly Clean Services 

Hard Surface floors 

  • ​Scrubbing and refinishing:​ 

​​       This process involves revitalizing your vinyl tile floors by removing a few old layers of the finish that is on your hard surface flooring and cleaning away all of the old debris and soil. We will make sure all of the edges and corners are cleaned prior to the finish being applied to assure the best quality finish. 

  • Scrubbing and buffing:

​​      This is a process that will remove built up soil and give your floors the shine without the need for removing finish. This is an intermediate step that keeps your floors looking great in-between refinishing.

  • Stripping and refinishing

​​       This process removes all of the old finish and returns the floor to its original appearance. It gets down to the bare vinyl and then we apply a base coating of floor finish to obtain that shine you are looking for. 

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