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Residential or Commercial: 

Whether big or small, we can adjust or service to meet your needs. We will provide "Common $ense Cleaning that you can see!"

Cleaning: Tile is growing in residential and commercial settings as a durable alternative; however, even durable needs to be cleaned from time to time. Sensibly Clean Services offers a process that will deep clean your grout and tile and restore that "like new" appearance. 

Sealing: After the cleaning process has taken place, your tile's grout is once again vulnerable to becoming soiled and stained from soils and other mishaps, like that dropped spaghetti sauce which could stain that grout. Our protector will provide a barrier that will seal the grout and give your floors a long lasting appearance and allow you to keep it that way with minimal effort.

Pricing: Prices based upon individual areas. Please call for free estimates.

Tile and Grout Cleaning and sealing

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