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Pricing is based upon the fabric and style of the furniture 

Wet-Cleanable furniture: Prices starting at:

  • Sectional 120-200 (price varies depending upon size, if it is pleated or tufted, over 12 ft is additional by ft)
  • Sofa 79-150 (price varies depending upon size, if is pleated or tufted)
  • Love Seat 80-100 (price varies depending upon size, if it is pleated or tufted)
  • Chair 45-65 (depending upon size and style)
  • Ottoman 20
  • Pillows, cushions,cornices, bolsters: call for pricing


  • ​Sectional 150-250
  • Sofa 125-175
  • Loveseat 100-125
  • Chair 65-79
  • Ottoman 25-30

Leather Cleaning

  • Price is based by condition of leather, style, and size. Charge is by linear foot.


  • Single (Twin) 50
  • Double 60
  • Queen 75
  • King 100 
  • Protector 25 per piece
  • Deodorizer 25 per piece
  • Anti-microbial/Allergy relief: varies based on size

Solvent Cleaning: Please call for free inspection and analysis of furniture for pricing

Fine fabrics have additional processes and have alternate pricing. (examples: silk, haitian cotton)

Sensibly Clean  is trained and certified to handle your upholstery needs. We value the trust that you place in us to clean your carpets and want to extend that trust to the furniture in your home. We understand the value that is placed on Dad's recliner or Grandma's sofa that has been passed down. We start by performing an analysis of your upholstery construction and fabric type. This is done to protect your furniture and determine the proper cleaning and soil type for each piece. Our trained technicians will then vacuum the upholstery, spray on a pre-spray, and clean each piece according to the techniques based on the results of the pre-inspection. 

Protecton: After the cleaning procedures are complete, we recommend you protect your investment in Grandma's heirloom or the cherished piece of furniture you purchased to pass down by re-applying the protection which helps resist re-soiling and those "accidents" that sometime happen.

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